Company profile

Company profile

ORBIS offers its prestigious international clients consultancy services, process optimisation and SAP- and Microsoft-based IT solutions. In many areas, we also develop our own upgrades for these solutions for specific sectors or clients. Our range of solutions is rounded off with our company’s own software products.

Our customers appreciate our team of 300 employees, particularly because of their process skills and many years of extensive experience in the sectors that we specialise in:

  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing industry (series and variant production and plant and machine engineering)
  • Mill products (the metal, paper and wood industries)
  • Consumer products industry and retail

We also have completed an increasing number of consulting and IT projects for larger midsize companies and group companies throughout Europe, North America and Asia over the past years.

In addition to our head office in Saarbrücken, we can also offer alternative national or international perspectives from our branch offices in Bielefeld, Hamburg, Munich and Essen (Germany), Cham (Switzerland), Paris and Strasbourg (France), Washington DC (US) and Shanghai (China).

As you can see, ORBIS has a variety of experience on offer and can help you to develop on a personal level. You can manage a specialist area, take on responsibility for personnel management, play a leadership role in challenging projects, nationally and abroad, or handle the maintenance of international accounts.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – you’re closer than you think!

Human Resources:
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