Business Intelligence (BI)

Business intelligence with ORBIS

SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI) gives you a complete overview of your company. SAP NetWeaver BI combines a powerful business intelligence infrastructure with a large number of tools and functions for planning, simulations and data warehouse matters. These are provided via sophisticated user-friendly portal technology. Put simply, SAP NetWeaver BI is a uniform and comprehensive solution.

The SAP BI strategy centres on SAP BW 7.0 components.

The ORBIS BW experts offer a combination of outstanding technical expertise regarding BW applications and extensive process-related knowledge, as the team is made up of experienced ERP consultants. We are well-acquainted with master data management and process design, concepts that form an integral part of our company philosophy.

We work with our customers to develop tailored solutions, which we then implement with optimum efficiency.

At ORBIS, we always give priority to the process itself – technology is nothing more than a means to an end.

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