Customer Service (CS)

Customer service has become so important that nothing should be left to chance.

Your employees need tools that they can use to create strategic plans, detect errors and train to provide perfect customer service. This should all be based on a corresponding ERP system.

Starting with the SAP R/3 system, we can work with you to define the ideal range of functions and put together a perfect service solution.

The following points should help you to define the range of functions you require:

  • Should customer units be mapped in the system?
  • Will the repair process be mapped in the system in full, from error detection to invoicing?
  • Should the system calculate repair costs and repair income?
  • Are they any functions that should be used in a different way?
  • Do you currently have the information you would need to market your services more aggressively?
  • Do you provide sufficient information material for your products?
  • What would happen in the event of a problem with the product? Do your staff have adequate tools to provide help?
  • Can staff access all the necessary information at any time?
  • Can both the sales staff and the customer be given appropriate training?
  • What services would the customer be willing to pay for?
  • Does your current range of services represent a compelling reason to buy your products?

With our many years of experience in the relevant areas, we can offer you perfect consulting – from individual sections to all-in-one solutions.

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