Business Blueprint

CRM Business Blueprint

Before the contract is awarded and the project is begun, we recommend that the project targets and requirements and the concrete implementation strategy are compared with the capacity of the CRM software that seems the most appropriate. The method the ORBIS recommends for this is the ‘CRM Business Blueprint’.

This involves implementing the specified technical and specialist requirements, the described CRM scenarios and processes and the integration requirements for ERP, Office and external systems, in prototype form, in a way that resembles the actual scenario that is to come. Preliminary documentation can be produced for the user interfaces, planned functionalities and organisational requirements etc., enabling them to be communicated as part of a change management concept and coordinated with users and specialist departments early on. The results are documented in the CRM blueprint in precise detail, on the basis of functional screen prototypes, interface organisation, one-off inventory data transfer and other information.

This ensures that the services provided by the contractor/service provider who is working on your project are defined in detail. It also means that you and your users have to confront the processes and technical requirements/restrictions at a very early stage, forcing you to make decisions and compromises that then become clear specifications for the internal and the external project teams. All parties involved come to an agreement regarding their expectations for the project and can then work towards this common objective in unison. Costs, resource requirements, deadlines and benefits are known and discussed at all levels.

The CRM blueprint does not represent an additional service with regard to your future rollout project, as a blueprint would have to be compiled as part of a professional CRM rollout in any case. Our procedure simply brings the blueprint forward, ahead of the contract award for CRM licences and the CRM rollout, providing enhanced levels of security for everyone involved.

Ensure concept feasibility with the CRM Business Blueprint

The CRM concept as a prototype

  • Mapping of requirements with the concrete options of the CRM solution (user interfaces, functions, workflows and processes etc.)
  • Customers/users become acquainted with the main features of the software for their key processes in the ‘pre-rollout’ stage
  • This represents an important step in solution development, as they have to confront any problems and reach appropriate decisions.


  • Expectations are coordinated from a provider and a user perspective.
  • The work required for adjustments, programming, integration scenarios and data management etc. is identified.
  • The effects on the specialist concept and project planning are identified early on.
  • The feasibility of the concept is ensured, for both the provider and customers.
  • The results are documented, providing specification for rollout.

A clearly defined project with a specified outcome.

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