Make your projects a sure-fire success – with the right CRM strategy

Successful CRM involves perfect coordination between people, methodology and technology and requires a complete change in the mindset of the entire company. The aim of a CRM project is to strategically reorganise business processes to gear them towards customer needs. This involves much more than just modernising the sales and service processes. CRM is the comprehensive implementation of customer-focused business management.

Selecting and implementing the most appropriate CRM strategy is of crucial importance. This stage is where the foundations are laid for a successful CRM project.

ORBIS has extensive experience from over 200 CRM projects and can support you in the early stages of defining your CRM objectives and CRM strategy. Many projects fail because the defined strategies were insufficient, or no strategy was defined at all. Other reasons for failure include CRM targets that exceed the organisation’s actual capacity or misinterpretations and incorrect prioritisation of the technical requirements for success CRM implementation. ORBIS can support you in defining your individual CRM strategy and can ensure that your strategy is workable in practice and that targets that are critical for the strategy’s success are actually reached.

Procedure from strategy to implementation

CRM strategy

Understand CRM potential

  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, risks
  • SWOT analysis, interviews, evaluations
    and prioritisation

Define CRM targets

  • Based on company targets
  • Describe targets and make them measurable
  • Prioritise: short-term and medium-term targets

Develop a CRM policy

  • Policy must be ‘concrete’, e.g.:

- How can we (in concrete terms!) increase customer loyalty?
- How can we make our customer relations more profitable
(customer value analysis)?
- How can we reduce customer fluctuation?
- How can we increase order volumes/opportunities?
- How can we use cross-selling and up-selling to better exploit
our potential?

  • Change management
  • Effects on processes, organisation, staff and communication

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