Manufacturing Execution

ORBIS MES delivers the correct information at the correct time to the correct person at any place

ORBIS MES delivers the correct information at the correct time to  the correct person at any place

Towards Smart Manufacturing with ORBIS

Manufacturing Execution Systems have become indispensable tools in the field of industrial production systems. They are proven to increase the productivity of the manufacturing process through:

  • Lesser production run times
  • Less paperwork
  • Shorter data input and preparation times
  • Fewer errors and less scrap
  • Greater visibility

Through the company-wide involvement of all departments and sites and the seamless integration with SAP’s ERP software, ORBIS MES is ideal for detecting and eliminating weaknesses in the manufacturing process. ORBIS MES delivers real-time data for manufacturing, business management, personnel, maintenance and quality management. By connecting the shop floor to the management level, ORBIS MES clearly delivers the correct information at the right time to the right person.

In the Industry 4.0 concept, ORBIS MES forms the basis to achieve Smart Manufacturing with Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). In these connected systems, intelligent tool are moving autonomously and optimized between machines and systems during the production process.

In such an environment very large quantities of data are being generated, which must be collected and prepared for clear and concise presentation of the current status of the entire production process all the way down to the status of an individual tool. This horizontal integration and the integrative data management of Big Data is available with ORBIS MES. Here, large amount of data from machines, stationary and mobile end devices merges together. Our solution at all times delivers a clear overall image of the manufacturing process as a foundation for coordination and sound decisions using role-based dashboards. Management and employees are informed at all times about the actual situation and can immediately respond to changes such as machine downtime, material bottlenecks or similar.

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