Maintenance and Quality Management

In the area of maintenance and quality management, ORBIS MES also helps to increase efficiency and reduce costs. This is achieved through optimized downtime and disruption management, preventative maintenance as well as through organization of the machine data, measurement and test results.

The processes of maintenance and quality are seamlessly integrated into the operative production flow and in the central SAP system. Through the convenient overview, problem areas in production can be detected more quickly and can be addressed proactively. After all, only quality, high value and flawless products secure the economic success of a company. The continuous, preventative servicing of the tools and machines avoids expensive repairs and downtime times and increases quality. At the same time, ORBIS MES helps to achieve the customer requirements for complete documentation of the production processes and batch tracing all the way to the raw material.

ORBIS MES supports the processes of maintenance and quality management:

  • Structured downtime and disruption management via maintenance notifications and orders
  • Integration of PDC solution for visualizing machine and equipment statuses
  • Flexible status sequence for processing of maintenance orders (actual times)
  • Test data collection, analysis and evaluation
  • Evaluation of inspection characteristics and inspection lots
  • In-process testing, analysis and documentation
  • Results recording for statistical software procedures for quality control


  • Organizational support of maintenance personnel in monitoring and executing all servicing intervals
  • Minimizing the costs of downtime times
  • Avoiding expensive repairs through continuous, preventative maintenance
  • Secured data acquisition for complete documentation and batch tracing

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