MDC – Machine data collection and machine control in real-time

ORBIS MES can connect to machines and technical equipment from the shop floor. The machine thus receives data directly from SAP or sends it back to SAP. Using the data collected and processed in user-friendly dashboards or front-ends, you are achieving a comprehensive visualization of the machine and equipment statuses, serving as a foundation of transparent and efficient manufacturing.

The current machine statuses are available in real-time. Downtime and deviation from the standard process are immediately visible in ORBIS MES and graphically presented in the relevant reporting area. It is thus possible to intervene without delay in the ongoing process and respond quickly with the correct strategy. The sub-ordinate view visualizes material shortages, bottlenecks or machine problems. This leads to better utilization of the machines, reduces the WIP inventory. The automatically generated posting also considerably reduces both the manual effort as well as the error rate. Using the management dashboards, all production and quality data for OEE analysis are always centrally located and in view on any desired visualization device. Status notifications regarding individual machines, orders, plants etc. are displayed at the push of a button: whether directly at the workplace in the production area, in the office or on an iPad anywhere in the world.

Functions of ORBIS MES:

  • Real-time integration of manufacturing
  • Real-time visualization of machines and equipment statuses
  • Integration into the PDC solution, less manual confirmations
  • Detailed presentation of down-times and disruption
  • Evaluation of all figures from the production process (KPI/OEE)
  • Visualization of all manufacturing areas from all sites with internet access

ORBIS MES supports the automated collection and usage of machinery data directly at the point of origin. In this regard, there are hardly any limits placed on the possibilities:

Using ORBIS MES, machines, terminals, analog and digital sensors, scales, control systems, Web IO, CNC machinery including signal lights, RFID scanners, Bluetooth components or even mobile end devices such as smartphones, tablets or handheld devices can be connected. Essential functionalities of ORBIS MES are based on the ORBIS Multi-Process Suite. Through the wealth of the most varied machines and devices from the most varied manufacturers in the area of production, we are always expanding ORBIS MES to other systems. That means of course that also different versions of machines from different years can thus be optimally integrated.


  • Improved machine  and equipment usage
  • Less manual effort, accurate collection and transmission of data
  • Elimination of sources of errors
  • Cost minimization
  • Evaluation of machine signals
  • Communication and interaction with the most varied types of machinery via ORBIS MES
  • Visibility over exceptions
  • Minimization of down times


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