Visibility in Production

By using ORBIS MES, new information is obtained which could previously not have been acquired or could only have been acquired with significant manual effort. Of course merely collecting data in real-time does not achieve an optimization in the manufacturing process. Only through a clear, role-based presentation and analysis can bottlenecks be detected and methods for optimization be deduced. Current figures are essential in this regard. They allow for a quick correction to the processes when, through the KPI, it becomes clear that planned goals cannot be met. Material shortages are visible early so that possible corrective measures can be taken. However, valuable conclusions for continual improvement may also be drawn from the comparison between historical data and actual operations.

From individual work centers to the entire shop floor operations, the production is always in view with ORBIS MES. ORBIS MES delivers precise evaluations on the important cause variables of the processes. Managers, controllers, production managers and employees from the operational level thereby receive a transparent overview.

Accurately informed around the clock and everywhere:

  • Real-time representation and visualization of actual status in the OEE cockpit
  • Optimized planning of production orders and optimized use of resources
  • Timely preparation of all relevant production figures for planning, control, documentation and monitoring of the production activities
  • All individuals involved in production activities, from planning level to the operational level, are now all very well-informed
  • Introduction of immediate measures for error correction or in the case of target/actual deviations
  • Implementation of cross-site production figures for analysis, definition of optimization potentials in company-wide production plants.
  • Planning, control, documentation of company-wide figures and targets

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