PDC – Visibility and Flexibility


The core functions of ORBIS MES in the area of plant data collection (PDC) enables complete visibility in the production flow. Comprehensive and reliable statements regarding order processing are available in real-time and are the basis for the continuous improvement of production order processing and for an objective cost control.

Manually entered data and machine statuses, such as setup and production times, quantities, down-times and disruptions are recorded in real-time and reported back into the central SAP ERP system. Through ORBIS MES, and also due to the horizontal integration, all those involved in the production system can access a comprehensive database and are thus optimally coordinated among each other. The evaluation and visualization of data takes place in role-based dashboards. Furthermore, thanks to the flexibility of ORBIS MES, there are virtually no limits towards integrating machines and mobile devices.

ORBIS MES reduces the effort for actual data acquisition and supports the expansion of a paperless manufacturing process and thus eliminates sources of error. This reduces the overall throughput times and increases machine utilization significantly.

Core functions are:

  • Work Center- specific PDC functions, worklists and order displays
  • Current status of work centers and order operations in real-time
  • Flexible status sequence for timely collection of actual status, actual quantities and actual times
  • Support of multiple machine operations and group work
  • Representation of processing progress, schedule and priority control
  • Integration of maintenance and quality management

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