Product Lifecycle (PLM)

SAP product lifecycle management (PLM) with ORBIS

The development of new products forms an important part of a company’s capital. An efficient management system is required for product data and the product development process – for new product ranges and for necessary alterations in the product life cycle. Product information is abundant within the company – but in most cases it is stored in a wide range of systems and formats. This makes finding the right data at the right time a very time-consuming process. An integrated PLM system that covers all departments can establish efficiency and transparency. Even in after-sales service, such a system can facilitate the processing of repair and customer requests and can make a long-term contribution to increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

With its high level of integration, SAP PLM can offer you ideal opportunities to interlink the wide range of available information and make it accessible at the click of a button.

As a consultancy company, ORBIS has been involved with process integration and product data management with SAP since 1986. Since 2006, we have also been an SAP Special Expertise Partner for product lifecycle management (PLM). To avoid isolating any particular elements during the implementation of the SAP PLM solution, a comprehensive understanding of business and logistics is called for. With the comprehensive approach taken by ORBIS, you can significantly improve your PLM processes.

A detailed breakdown of our SAP PLM service portfolio is available here.

Product lifecycle

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