Detailed planning

Production and detailed planning with SAP SCM PP/DS

ORBIS can offer a number of options for your capacity planning and machine scheduling that go beyond the reach of the R/3 standard: within SAP SCM, with SAP SCM production planning and detailed scheduling, or with the ORBIS Planning Tool.

The ORBIS Planning Tool supports the planning and control processes in the production and/or assembly of products with many variants with SAP. It is fully integrated into the standard SAP functions.
The Planning Tool adds extra functionalities to the standard such as heuristic planning methods for creating production sequences for each level of manufacturing, additional comments, priority control or target/performance comparisons. You can achieve backlog-free planning in no time at all, without having to do without sequence planning. With the ORBIS Planning Tool, all company departments are given rapid and reliable information regarding the current state of production. Additional benefits are the straightforward handling, powerful performance and great flexibility for customisations.

SAP PP/DS manages the relationships between demand and demand coverage across all manufacturing levels (both top-down and bottom-up) online and provides notification of any exceptional situations. It also contains optimisation algorithms that can, for example, calculate a plan with minimal set-up requirements or minimal throughput times. PP/DS can give your processes significantly greater levels of transparency and integration.
ORBIS can offer templates for planning alternative work processes and additional production restrictions that go far beyond the SAP PP/DS standard.

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