Business intelligence

Measure your success.

In order to make the right decisions, you need to have rapid access to complete and accurate information. This gives your company a competitive edge and increases efficiency – no matter how large or small your company is.

Turn your data into valuable information. User-friendly and flexible evaluation tools access information from operational applications (such as ERP, SCM, external QM or warehouse subsystems) and can support you in making business decisions.

We can offer many years of experience and numerous solutions and key figures, and can provide strategic consulting for defining your key figures and setting up business cubes for efficient ad-hoc evaluations.

SAP Business Warehouse (BW)

SAP BW is a web-enabled BI suite and makes an ideal supplement solution for companies that already use SAP products. The suite comes with business content that is based on the structures and processes of other SAP solutions, ensuring that the implementation will bring rapid positive results.

For special applications, ORBIS can supply sophisticated planning scenarios in template form, such as strategic marketing planning, sales planning or cost planning.

Thanks to the open technology, SAP BW can not only be easily integrated into the SAP Enterprise Portal, but also into existing IT landscapes.

ORBIS iControl

With its great flexibility and comprehensive standardisation, ORBIS iControl is suitable for companies of all sizes and can be implemented in little time. Specialist departments can create, visualise and manage business analyses and plans beyond department boundaries, without any previous technical knowledge.

This standard software is web-enabled and can be extended independently and directly connected to the SAP software or other ERP systems via the standard interfaces. The software comes with predefined content for automotive suppliers. As ORBIS iControl has been certified for SAP BW, it can also access the analyses defined in the SAP Business Warehouse as a user-friendly front end.

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More detailed information on business intelligence can be found here.

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