Functionality & applications

Functionality and applications

iControl is:

  • a programme for analysis, control, reporting and planning
  • suitable for all company divisions and all company-wide planning and control processes
  • intuitive – interdisciplinary – innovative, for all user groups.

iControl with SAP

The iControl solution can operate with any of your ERP, CRM or external systems.

  • All SAP modules can be linked in the SAP environment.
  • iControl is ideal for use with Unicode.
  • Data extraction from SAP is provided by our RFC program generator, which you can parameterise and control yourself.
  • Fully prepared business content, such as content for CO-PA, SD, MM, QM, QA, FI and LES, is provided.
  • The direct access to SAP BW is SAP-certified.

iControl without SAP

For companies (or company divisions) that do not have SAP or SAP BW, iControl provides the same high-performance and inexpensive data warehouse platform for all company divisions, based on Microsoft OLAP technology. iControl has been certified by Microsoft for the SQL server 2000/2005.

What does iControl analyse?

Key management figure for all company divisions:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Procurement/purchases
  • Production/QA
  • Financial control
  • Company management, plants, branch offices etc.

The system focuses on the following:

  • Specifying analyses, plans, operations and alerts
  • Compiling profiles of strengths and weaknesses
  • Using exceptions, conditions and interactive graphics,
  • Dynamic control consoles, MultiConnects and much more

intuitiv - interdisziplinär - innovativ

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