Consumer Suite

ORBIS Consumer Suite

The consumer products industry requires a complete sales organisation system that can handle the following challenges:

  • Providing information and processes for managing your customers,
    (classic food retailers, drugstores and hardware stores, etc.)
  • Managing sales organisation (field/office staff, key account management, marketing) involves a large number of addressees and processes.
  • Planning the objectives and conditions for individual customers in accordance with the consumer products company’s guidelines is a complex undertaking. Over time, adjustments need to be made on a rolling basis to accommodate changing circumstances.

Consumer products companies often use incomplete information to tackle these processes, and considerable manual effort is required from decision-makers.

The ORBIS Consumer Suite provides all:

  • relevant individual data
  • relevant control processes
  • generated planning information
  • information and plan corrections
  • control and data-collection feedback

  • centrally
  • continuously
  • promptly
  • up to date

  • sorted by staff-member allocation
  • role and authorisation
  • all parties involved in the process

  • as focused information
  • as an efficient basis for decision-making
  • efficiently incorporated into planning and control processes

We have used our expertise and understanding of customer requirements to put together predeveloped solutions for a large range of potential requirements for the consumer products industry. These solutions simply need to be adjusted to suit individual circumstances and rolled out.

The ORBIS Consumer Suite avoids specific programming to adjust planning processes and the like. Trained key users from the industry company can make any required adjustments to general parameters independently.

The Consumer Suite is made up of a number of components that can be deployed individually and implemented in sequence. This forms the foundation of the reliable integrated information and control system that customers are looking for in the ORBIS Consumer Suite.

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