ECR demand side

Optimising ECR demand side - category management

Customer transparency provides additional potential

In the face of increasing competitive pressure in the consumer products industry and in retail, category management can provide a company with new methods for reaching consumers during the shopping experience.

Category management basically involves working from the point of view of the shopper, rather than the market as a whole. The major components of a category management strategy are processes ranging from potential analysis, product-range optimisation and POS implementation to promotion and condition planning. Without such processes, optimised shelf-space distribution and margin control would not be possible. Shoppers are appealed to and influenced in accordance with their needs.

ORBIS enables you to put together suitable plans of action on the basis of decisions made by a category leader, which include decisions relating to product ranges.

Integrated solutions are created for the ECR demand side, for category management, with the same care and professionalism that our experts deploy when implementing holistic ECR supply side solutions. ORBIS’s CM expertise is based on both the category management process itself and the technical foundation of ECR. This means that ORBIS can offer CM expertise that covers consulting services at all stages of the CM process and the creating and implementation of CM solutions and strategies.

ORBIS CM strategies and solutions:

  • Data clearing / data matching
  • Data-source consolidation
  • Scanner data, market research data and other external sources of information
  • CM analyses, product range optimisation and monitoring
  • Strategies for providing information and communication for specific target groups
  • Implementation of CM solutions (SAP/non-SAP)

ORBIS is a reliable and skilled business partner for all ECR demand side processes.

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