Enabling technology

Enabling technology

Communication platforms: the foundation

Solutions such as Marketplace, Workplace, ALE and EDI are used on a daily basis to facilitate business transactions. Companies that wish to remain profitable and competitive in today’s business world need to...

ERP optimisation

The only thing constant is change.

Whether you are expanding or altering your business processes, migrating from one system to another, standardising your system landscape or simply attempting to optimise your internal reporting system – in today’s world, success depends not only on selecting the right hardware and software, but also on...

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Business intelligence

turning data into information

The Business intelligence solution iControl is a standardised planning, analysis and reporting tool that provides up-to-date collection, preparation, evaluation and visualisation of company data, without the need for programming or customising. It provides transparency and a sound foundation for decision-making, centrally and constantly up-to-date.

iControl – the analysis suite for all relevant data sources:

  • Sell-in data from the ERP system, such as SAP
  • Planning data relating to sell-in planning
  • Customer scanner data
  • Institute panel data
  • Data collected from customers (via CRM/field staff)
  • External data sources (Drotax, Mapis, etc.)

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Planning and simulation

The planning and simulation suite

The ORBIS solution iPlanning provides a central planning process which you can use to plan, break up and continuously update your business goals. Our suite is on hand with all the necessary ‘knobs and buttons’ for the following areas:

  • Planning turnover or sales for your customers and products
  • Integrating detailed market forecasts,
  • product appraisals or
  • sales promotion campaigns into scenarios

The result: a focused appraisal of your planning scheme.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the consumer products industry

This software has a wide range of functions and provides effective support for your staff in office administration, key account management, POS management, marketing and category management, such as:

  • Rapid order entry
  • POS data collection
  • Marketing campaigns

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