SAP CRM for the high-tech and electronics industries

With SAP for High Tech, you can automate and streamline complex business processes, rapidly adjust processes and systems to suit changes in market conditions and increase transparency and monitoring levels within your company. As a result, you will be able to make business decisions promptly and efficiently along all stages of the supply chain.

With SAP for High Tech:

  • collaboration is possible beyond internal and external organisational boundaries
  • new applications can be implemented with greater speed and lower costs
  • new products can be developed in less time and new sources of income can be exploited
  • the most profitable products and marketing channels can be indentified
  • market launches and market penetration can be speeded up

The SAP solutions support central business processes from a variety of segments:

Manufacturers working in business, health and consumer products:

High-tech manufacturers can collaborate beyond company boundaries, working with speed, innovation and efficiency and avoiding obstructions.

Suppliers of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS):

Support for a comprehensive range of integrated EMS services, from design, drafting, manufacture and logistics to post-manufacture service, global marketing and after-sales support.

Manufacturers of semiconductors and components:

Powerful solutions package that enables the company to collaborate with business partners at any point in the logistics chain.

Software providers:

Support for cross-company collaboration between software providers and their business partners. This allows business processes to be optimised, from development to customer support.

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