Machine engineering

SAP CRM for machine, equipment and component engineering

SAP for Industrial Machinery & Components (SAP for IM&C) helps you to manage customers, supply chains, product cycles and services. In this way, the solution supports new business processes even while they are being created.

The extensive solution portfolio can be used to execute a wide range of business processes, for example:

Product development and launch:

Supporting the entire process, from development to launch, and enabling product and business strategies and key performance indicators (KPIs) to be coordinated perfectly. With SAP for IM&C, you can manage your ideas and strategies, your development projects and project portfolios, identify requirements, draft prototypes, make contact with suppliers and organise ramp-ups and market launches.

Marketing and sales:

Significant shortening of sales cycles, increase in profits and promotion of customer loyalty. You can turn promising leads into profitable customers.

Supply chain planning:

Flexible design of the processes in the supply chain. Adjustment as required. The solution portfolio includes functions for the planning and execution of company workflows and technologies.


Support of all production models, including customer-specific, warehouse and project manufacture. This allows the number of delayed orders to be reduced; order lead times can be shortened, outsourcing and offshoring strategies can be implemented and administrative effort and transaction costs can be lowered. You can also minimise the amount of fixed capital by reducing stock and optimising utilisation.


Use consolidated content such as master data to cover the entire supply cycle – from strategic sourcing to operative procurement and involving suppliers. SAP solutions allow supplier selection to be optimised, time cycles to be reduced and effective sourcing and procurement strategies to be developed.

Logistics and distribution:

Support for the procurement, tracking and distribution of materials and products using specially tailored methods.

Aftermarket service:

Support for tactical and strategic planning, service management and transactions. Operative analyses and financial analyses can also be performed. The solution portfolio for SAP for IM&C enables collaboration in business processes such as budgeting, resource planning, product planning, field staff, existing customer management, self-service for customers, spare parts management, market analyses and multi-channel execution and evaluation of marketing campaigns.


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