With OEE and KPI Cockpit – Accurately informed anytime and anywhere

ORBIS MES offers numerous reporting capabilities as, for example, a set of pre-configured number of key performance indicators (KPI) and OEE values with figures from the production system. These help in making quick and sound decisions as well as for drawing valuable conclusions for continous improvement:

  • Throughput and output capacity
  • Overall equipment effectiveness
  • Quality rates
  • Productivity of the shop floor employees
  • Setup times index
  • Reworking and scrap quota

The OEE value is considered to be the one of the most meaningful figures for the overall plant efficiency, i.e. the output and availability of a machine, machine group or a manufacturing area. It enables a comparison of machines independent of the respectively manufactured product and immediately displays losses in effectiveness. With ORBIS OEE cockpit, everything is immediately in sight. The clear drill down functions show directly where the cause of the problem can be found. From the highest level of detail (shift) to the highest level of overview (plant), all information regarding disruptions, down-times and outputs are shown for a given work center or operation. The current status of the shop floor is shown in real-time and order related (in business context). The data obtained in ORBIS MES can of course be evaluated using business intelligence tools – for example via SAP BW. The information is displayed in meaningful areas on dashboards and thus made available to the respective technical areas via different channels. In addition, all analysis applications can be represented via the new database technology, SAP HANA.


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