Flexible user Interfaces without Programming

A further highlight and essential component of ORBIS MES are performant and industry-standard user interfaces – which are platform-independent and can be run on all display devices. All processes, as for example

  • Initial start of orders and order confirmations
  • Recording of down-time notifications and time events (e.g. setup)
  • Inspection result recording

can be carried out in a simple manner. Production managers and shop floor employees are all getting a clear and concise overview. In this regard, the self-explanatory user interfaces of ORBIS MES also enable easy operation for employees who are unfamiliar with PCs.

Innovative ORBIS Technology

The user interfaces are role-based as well as being available on all mobile and stationary end devices. Thus anyone – at a PC, mobile or online – has the information required for continuing their work available to them in real-time. The user interfaces are user-friendly and clear so that the confirmations in MES can also be actuated conveniently using touch panels – even with work gloves. They can be used on the most varied of end devices: from an industry PC, hand scanner, stapler terminal to a notebook, tablet or smartphone. Through the dynamic control of the user interface, operating errors are avoided. The employee at the workplace only gets offered the functionalities which are permitted in the process.

And the best: The application development is completely independent of the end device – intuitive and flexible without administrative effort in SAP. The scaling takes place automatically. All information from the view layouts are automatically stored in SAP. The advantage: through comprehensive SAP integration and the clear development layout, all layouts of all SAP processes can be designed internally following a short training period.

Applications and advantages:

  • Industry-standard and performant user interfaces
  • All important information in one view – in real time - even mobile or online
  • Platform-independent development and flexible applications
  • Can be run on all end devices: PC, tablet, smartphone, hand scanner etc.
  • Process-dependent user interface

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