Step-by-step implementation – with positive effects from step 1

You define the scope and the order in which the individual OCS modules are implemented in your company. You set the pace, in accordance what you need from the product configuration system and the problems that you need to solve in SAP-ERP.

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Do you need a transparent visualisation of your SAP configuration models? Are you making do with the configuration user interfaces and models in SAP?
Then OCS can help you, with the OCS SAP product viewer. Your models are once again organised with clarity (the viewer can even give you extra tips and tricks for optimising your models).

Do you want to take a further step to achieve efficient maintenance of your SAP models, as you find SAP modelling to complex or unable to meet your needs?
In this case, the OCS SAP product viewer allows you to migrate 100% of your SAP knowledge base into OCS. New modelling methods reduce costs and increase transparency. However, your SAP models are retained in their entirety for the SAP processes. No transfers or conversions to new models are required.

However, if you aim to provide your users with intuitive user interfaces that offer functionalities far beyond those offered by SAP interfaces, then these interfaces will need to be modelled in OCS. In this case, it makes sense for OCS to also perform configuration for the sales department.

One of the outcomes of transferring SAP configuration tasks to OCS is, of course, that SAP contains much smaller and leaner models. The only model data that are kept in the SAP system are those that are required for the process. Your users in the logistics department are sure to be grateful for the noticeably improved performance of the ERP system.

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