OCS configuration

A new generation of variant configuration

All types of product configuration can be performed with the OCS configuration developed by our business partner, xCOSS. The basic thought behind the configuration process is:
‘One configurator for all configuration processes’.

Business logic is freely available for all the configuration processes in the company. Redundant sets of rules are no longer needed. Regardless of whether an integrated product configurator is required (from a SAP system or an individual customer application, for example) or a standalone one, with classic GUI or in the form of web components.

Our module offers solutions with a high level of model abstraction for all application areas and queries. The object-based modelling and the greatly extended language range allow complex configuration tasks to be displayed, such as configuration across all products or locations.

With the ORBIS Configuration Suite, we are taking an entirely new approach to user interface generation. The interfaces are not programmed, but modelled by the customers. Customers can put together appropriate configuration views for the users’ particular configuration tasks, on the basis of either graphics or features.

Thanks to our solution’s modular design, all your options are left open. You are even free to choose the sequence of the implementation steps.

Various sample user interfaces are given below:


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