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Change Management
The key to digital transformation success

Change management: tailored support for transformation and successful implementation

Today’s companies are faced with dynamic, constantly changing business environments. Change is inevitable, whether it's due to advances in technology, economic challenges, or new market trends. A well-thought-out change management strategy plays a crucial role in this context, as it helps companies to manage change processes effectively and ensure successful implementation.

It doesn't matter whether this involves introducing a new learning platform, e.g. from Microsoft, replacing an existing collaboration tool, or embedding a modern innovation culture. Because employees are always at the heart of every transformation that takes place in an organization, and they are the ones confronted with new processes, working methods, tools, and structures.

Change processes without the right support often lead to unrest. Insufficient understanding, uncertainty together with associated discontent, and even lack of acceptance, can fundamentally reduce the likelihood of long-term project success. If change projects are managed consistently with well-thought-out and tailored change management measures, employees, customers, and partners can be inspired to embrace change and motivated long-term.

Ultimately, there's nothing more frustrating than IT investments that don’t pay off because your team doesn't embrace change.

What is change management?

Change management is a systematic approach to planning, implementing and embedding change in companies with the aim of managing organizational change efficiently and effectively. Well-implemented change management ensures that change is integrated smoothly into corporate culture in a sustainable way.

It’s a holistic approach that takes into account processes and technologies like Microsoft 365, but also, and most importantly, your team and corporate culture.

Why is change management important? All advantages at a glance

Acceptance by the workforce

Acceptance & engagement

Promotes long-term acceptance and engagement with new ideas among the workforce

Risk mitigation through change management

Risk reduction

Identification of risks early on minimizes unforeseeable complications

Increased efficiency through change management

Efficiency & adaptation

Increases project efficiency and enables quick adaptation to changing market conditions

Better planning

Optimum planability

Enables optimal planning and thereby maximizes the ROI for change projects

Our change management approach for successful projects

No matter which model we look at, successful change management projects depend on the creation of a strong vision, targeted leadership, training, the entire organization's participation and integration in the project and, last but not least, transparent communication. It is also essential that the transformation isn't launched as a one-off event, but as an ongoing change and that it is continually driven forward through iterative processes.

Our approach helps you to maximize the potential that modern collaboration offers. Customers are offered our change management service across all project phases: we support our customers long term with our expertise, from initiation and implementation right through to beyond project completion.

This is all reflected in our three change management phases: Envision, Onboard, and Drive Value.

Three change management phases


This initialization phase is used to establish your requirements and lay the project's foundations. The focus here is on a comprehensive analysis of your organization. The phase includes kick-off events, determining the company's change maturity level, identifying stakeholders, and developing the project vision. In short, we work together to define the change management framework as well as your specific objectives, and identify any measures the project requires.


The onboard phase is where the company-wide rollout takes place and we implement the previously defined aspects of your success plan. During this phase, we offer tailored training events, workshops, communication plans and key user days, as well as measurement and stakeholder engagement plans to make sure the rollout goes as smoothly as possible.

Drive Value

The focus in this phase is on value creation. The aim is to continually check the effectiveness of measures implemented in the onboard phase and make adjustments where necessary. For example, we gage how ready employees are for change in this phase, address the moods and attitudes in teams, and collect feedback. We continually improve our service through scalable measures and the evaluation of the data we collect.

We are your partner for digital transformation

Because of our wide-ranging technological expertise relating to the modern workplace environment, we can provide you with comprehensive, individual advice for any project you may be facing. Benefit from our in-depth expertise gained from a wealth of successful projects over years of being a Microsoft Solutions Partner.

Create your own social intranet

Change for social intranet

An accepted social intranet boosts communication and brings the entire company together regardless of where your employees are located. Create an accepted digital community environment that can withstand future challenges. We work with you to find the right technologies for your specific requirements and support you and your team throughout the whole transformation process.

Change for the digital workplace with Microsoft 365

To remain competitive, companies need to navigate the modern digital workplace with Microsoft. But this transformation can place a lot of strain on your employees, who may feel challenged and overwhelmed by new technologies. Create the right conditions to generate acceptance for new technologies among your users. Change management allows you to achieve real success when implementing your digital workplace project with Microsoft 365 (Office 365).

Change management to support introduction of new technologies
Introduce Dynamics 365 with change management

Change for Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is an integrated suite of cloud-based business applications that combines various business functions such as sales, customer service, finance, and marketing to help your company optimize processes and expand customer relationships.

 Its diverse features help you create positive customer experiences, build trust within your company, and increase the sales performance of your sales team. Our change management approach supports employee integration from the moment Dynamics 365 is introduced and ensures that you get the most out of these new tools long-term.

Change for innovation

Embedded innovation management plays a decisive role in sustainable corporate development as it promotes product and process optimization, and diversification, which in turn promotes growth and competitiveness. Lived innovation management promotes a culture based on openness, learning and continuous improvement. But a culture of this kind doesn't happen by itself!

Change management supports such cultural change by promoting the development of an innovation-friendly corporate culture and by helping to identify and minimize potential risks related to innovation implementation so that the transition is a smooth one. Take away your employees' fear of the unknown and, with our help, create a drive for innovation that inspires both your workforce and your customers.

Support cultural change with change management

Our vision for your digital workplace success

To us, change management is much more than just an abstract process. We focus on people, as they are at the heart of every change. While these changes often relate to IT infrastructure, it's ultimately your employees who have to deal with them as part of their day-to-day work. And without understanding the reasons behind this change, without the motivation to get actively involved and without project acceptance, change can't be successful in the long term. As a trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner, we empower your entire organization to embrace modern workplace practices by developing tailored measures that turn your projects into unique success stories.

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