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Smart Factory

Build your Smart Factory with SAP-integrated ORBIS solutions. This means complete automation and real-time networking between production processes and all involved actors, from SAP ERP system all the way to shop floor control level.

ORBIS Multi-Process Suite

ORBIS Multi-Process Suite

ORBIS MPS is the technological foundation of the ORBIS SMART FACTORY for a fast and automated exchange of information in real time.  All actors (e.g. people, machines, systems, technical objects) are integrated seamlessly into the SAP processes.

ORBIS Product Cost Calculator

Product cost calculation directly in SAP - with and without master data

ORBIS Configuration Suite

Configuration solution for all business areas

ORBIS Manufacturing Execution System

ORBIS Manufacturing Execution System

Automation and orchestration of all processes in the shop floor: ORBIS MES is completely integrated into the SAP ERP processes. MES is the central building block for a seamless linking and synchronization of data from the shop floor with SAP processes and for the creation of a digitally networked value chain. The digital factory is completely planned and controlled in the SAP system.

ORBIS Logistics

SAP-integrated solutions for smart intralogistics - from receiving to shipping

ORBIS Steel - Solution for the metal industry

The digital solution for the metal industry
ORBIS Steel - Solution for the metal industry

The SAP-integrated industry solution for the highly diverse metal industry

ORBIS Business Application Suite

Reduction of product development costs, increase of product quality: The flexible and workflow-supported change management supports change processes from the idea to the application to the implementation.

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