ORBIS Analytics MES Dashboard
ORBIS Analytics MES Dashboard
Always keep an eye on your manufacturing data!

ORBIS Analytics MES Dashboard

Keep track of your plants, workstations and processes!

Thanks to the ORBIS Analytics MES Dashboard, you can keep track of all your KPIs – graphically displayed, clear and interactive.
The MES Dashboard is part of the ORBIS Best Practice solution for MES Reporting. Whether you use an ORBIS MES or a different MES: you will benefit from our expertise in the manufacturing industry and SAP Analytics.

Our expertise in manufacturing and SAP Analytics
ORBIS Manufacturing

ORBIS Manufacturing Execution System (MES) – the solution fully integrated in SAP for the digitalization of production.

SAP Analytics
SAP Business Analytics
SAP Analytics

Rising floods of information, the requirement for ever shorter response times and increasing responsibility in the operational business are raising the demands on a modern reporting system.

Advantages of the ORBIS Analytics MES Dashboard

Transfer all your figures from operational reporting into your SAP BW and enjoy an unprecedented level of flexibility. New, customized analyses, custom business logics and a wide range of visualization options, on premise or in the SAP Analytics Cloud.

Our MES Reporting Best Practice Solution provides you with:

KPI’s and evaluations

  • OEE, effectiveness, quality, availability, machine downtime, rates of utilization etc.
  • Drill-downs: plant, machine type and model, workstation, year, month, week, day, shift
  • Machine data: runtimes, asset health etc.
  • Order-related reporting: quantity, times, material, etc.
  • Personal data: punch in / punch out / break

Added value through SAP BW

  • Generation of historical data (historization)
  • Trends and time series analyses
  • Custom business logic
  • Data enrichment: e.g. FI/CO, SD, HR, etc.

Added value through SAP front-end tools

  • Attractive, modern dashboards with customized layout
  • Numerous types of graphs, control elements & filter elements
  • KPI Alerts and custom colors facilitate the analysis
  • Tailor-made, predefined breadcrumbs through scripting*
  • Accessible via centralized platforms (BI platform, SAC) and on mobile devices

* SAC Analytics Designer, Lumira Designer

Technology used

  • Optimized for ORBIS MES, customizable for other MES systems
  • SAP BW: on AnyDB, BW on HANA, BW/4HANA
  • Front-end tools: SAP Analytics Cloud or SAP Lumira Designer

Our Implementation Packages – especially for ORBIS MES clients

To minimize implementation effort, we provide our ORBIS MES clients with three packages, which they can use to transfer their data from the source system all the way to the display in the completed MES Dashboard.

Our implementation packages

The Extraction Package includes all the necessary extractors and data sources that need to be implemented in your MES.

The Backend Package includes the complete data model incl. ETL process within your SAP BW system.

The Frontend Package includes queries that have been perfectly tailored to the data model for calculations and aggregation of the MES figures. The ORBIS Analytics MES Dashboard presents a convenient way to evaluate the data.

Example of an ORBIS Analytics MES Dashboard

With the ORBIS Analytics MES Dashboard, you have the choice between an SAP Lumira or an SAP Analytics Cloud Application:

Look & Feel ORBIS MES Analytics Dashboard

Not an ORBIS MES client?

If you use a different manufacturing system, rather than an ORBIS MES, you can still benefit from our experience with MES reporting, both for backend and frontend applications. Get in touch!


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