End-to-end company processes with ORBIS BAS
ORBIS Business Application Suite
Simplify your business processes and manage them end-to-end.

Simplify SAP business processes with the ORBIS Business Application Suite (BAS)

The ORBIS Business Application Suite facilitates end-to-end management of business processes

It doesn't matter whether you run SAP Folders Management (SAP Netweaver), an S4/HANA system, or an older ECC or R/3 system: the ORBIS Business Application Suite (ORBIS BAS) adds the features you’ve always wanted to your SAP solution.

ORBIS BAS is a platform for managing and simplifying your business processes. It forms the basis of five different electronic use cases developed to close the process and functional gaps in the SAP standard:

  • Change Management for product optimization
  • Digital Record for generating digital files
  • Master Data Management for error-free master data in the PLM and ERP systems
  • Sustainable Supplier Management for sustainable procurement as an accelerator of your purchase-to-pay processes
  • Prototype Management in the product development process

Our on-premises solution is universal and can be used across industries. The corresponding Cloud solution is currently under development.

As well as process data, additional documents can be referenced and stored directly. This will see the end of redundant digital file storage and it will not matter whether data is stored in a supplier, project or quality file. ORBIS BAS helps you retain an overview at all times. Furthermore, our IT solutions also offer access to objects from other business processes.

As well as process data, it is important to integrate the relevant people at the right moment. SAP Itinerary is used for this. In ORBIS BAS you have access to rules-based process generation that extends the itinerary on a dynamic basis. From a technical perspective the SAP Standard Workflow is used, and then displayed in a very user-friendly and clear format with the help of the itinerary component. What’s more, the processing status of your business process is visible at all times: the status quo as well as the steps already completed are shown in real time.

Advantages of the ORBIS Business Application Suite (ORBIS BAS)

  • ORBIS BAS is the electronic backbone of your data and can be coupled with third-party systems, as well as SAP PLM or SAP ERP systems.
  • All employees involved in the process are incorporated in processes by means of SAP Itinerary.
  • Processes are displayed clearly, and processing progress is clearly visible.
  • All processes are generated by means of a dynamic set of rules.
  • Notifications regarding tasks are issued either directly in SAP or via email.
  • Data is referenced, meaning no redundant data entry is necessary.
  • All the necessary information required by involved employees in the ongoing process are saved as attachments.
  • In all use cases change tasks are notified either directly in SAP or via email.

A detailed overview of our use cases:

ORBIS Change Management use case

When it comes to product optimization, fast and fault-free change management saves time and money. Companies are faced with the challenge of cutting throughput times during the product development process and at the same time increasing quality. That applies to all process participants involved in the evaluation and implementation of the changes: product development, master data management, production planning and control as well as external suppliers.

The Change Management use case sees you manage and optimize your change management using a holistic approach. Data is recorded from the first idea right through to the completion of all changes and can be analyzed at any time. All change managers are always on the same page. Redundant data entry is a thing of the past too.

The benefits of ORBIS Change Management at a glance:

  • With the Change Management use case, the complexity of changes is significantly reduced, and all tasks are fulfilled in full.
  • You manage the entire change process, which serves as the data backbone in the change process, and can be coupled with third-party, PLM or ERP systems.
  • You can manage attachments, changes to product data management (PDM) models and drawings as well as ERP data, such as material masters, parts lists, documents, tools and working plans on a uniform platform.
  • All process participants are included in the change processes.
  • The complete process is clearly displayed by means of an SAP workflow and the processing progress is self-explanatory at all times.
  • The change management process will be generated by means of a dynamic set of rules.
  • To have all necessary information to hand, you can add attachments. There is also the option of saving change sketches as well as other important details likely to be required by other departments in the company in the ongoing change management process.
  • Costs will be evaluated in the scope of the change so as to ensure an overview is kept at all times.

ORBIS Digital Record use case (digital files)

Fast access to information is a crucial factor in productive business transactions. The ORBIS-developed Digital Record facilitates this fast access. All information relating to a business transaction is compiled hierarchically and clearly in electronic files.

Our approach enables the digital management of hard copy documents such as contracts or drawings as well as electronic information like emails or SAP documents. All information associated with a specific case end up in digital files.
Switching from paper to electronic files offers a whole host of advantages for your entire company: fast information searches, storage costs for files are saved and costly copying work eliminated. Take the next step towards digitalization with ORBIS Digital Record.

Digital Record use case applications:

  • Project file (incl. project proposal)
  • Supplier file
  • Quality file
  • Machine file
  • Maintenance file
  • HR file

The benefits of ORBIS Digital Record at a glance:

  • Simplified storage of digital files by means of integrated application processes and the automated generation of master data (project, equipment, personnel master data).
    • Project proposal: the project is generated automatically
    • Investment proposal: the equipment is generated automatically
  • Existing data in SAP is automatically linked with the corresponding electronic file:
    • Project: customer projects, costings, material, orders, and production orders
    • Equipment: parts lists, maintenance plans, maintenance reports, and maintenance orders
  • External documents and links can simply be assigned to the corresponding digital file.
  • Quick and comprehensive summation of the transaction.
  • Approval workflows are mapped via a flexible set of rules.

ORBIS Master Data Management solution (MDM) use case

Incorrect master data has a negative impact not only on the management process, but on the entire company process. The consequences may include error reports, incorrectly confirmed customer appointments and incorrect analysis. Problems are thereby preprogrammed in purchasing, sales or manufacturing processes.

The basic prerequisite for a smooth management process is high-quality master data in PLM and ERP systems, specifically if several SAP systems are present in a company. Redundant and inconsistent data maintenance to the detriment of data quality are to be avoided at all costs.

Our product ORBIS Master Data Management (MDM) is your ideal partner here. The ORBIS Master Data Management system guarantees fast, straightforward, convenient, and error-free master data management.

The benefits of ORBIS Master Data Management at a glance:

  • Overarching master data management with the MDM use case as a central tool for optimizing master data maintenance
  • You can create material masters, documents as well as data from SAP-PLM or ERP such as manufacturing parts lists, tools, working plans as well as purchasing and sales-relevant data on a uniform platform.
  • All involved employees are incorporated in the master data maintenance process.
  • The complete process is displayed clearly using SAP Itinerary and the processing progress is transparent at all times.
  • The master data maintenance process will be generated by means of a dynamic set of rules.
  • Attachments can be added to store all necessary information associated with the master data maintenance process.

ORBIS Sustainable Supplier Management use case

Are you familiar with the aspects, challenges and opportunities of sustainable supplier management? With sustainable procurement as an accelerator, your purchase-to-pay processes can be made both user-friendly and flexible. Certificates as well as regulatory and legal requirements in the context of the German Product Liability Act, the German Supply Chain Act, CSR, ESG and much more besides can be managed cleverly and clearly.

With the help of the “ORBIS Sustainable Supplier Management” use case, you can map the footprint, the metrics of the procured materials and your products. A generic data model is provided for this purpose. You can extend it to suit the specific customer and integrate it flexibly into the customer environment.

The benefits of Sustainable Supplier Management at a glance:

  • Easier compliance and adherence with legal requirements with respect to supply chain due diligence law and CSR guidelines.
  • Through the use case, you have a workflow-based solution and a reminder function when supplier certificates expire.
  • You can store all the documents, certificates and information about suppliers in a supplier file.
  • An integrative solution is enriched with supplier information.
  • This enables collection of footprint data on supplier products, such as self-assessment or central maintenance.
  • Supplier awarding processes and allocation processes are optimized.
  • Sustainable Supplier Management by ORBIS is available in SAP S/4HANA and in the SAP ECC system.
  • A convenient user interface in SAP FIORI apps.

Prototype Management use case

Technical product development is a key component in the product development process. From the first prototype concept right through to readiness for series production there is a need for what are referred to as sample phases. The various sample phases stand for the development status of a product. A lack of transparency in sample and prototype processes and missing features in the SAP standard can have a negative impact on the entire product development process. You can close these process and functional gaps with our Prototype Management use case.

In product development it is equally crucial to transfer associated components and modules to manufacturing at the right stage of development. This is where our use case “Prototype Management” comes in. This can help you ensure that the right product status is defined in the master data (such as parts list and work schedule). It is also easy to track how the status has developed in product development.

With the help of this tool you can plan different samples for gate-managed sample and prototype processes and custom-configure parts lists for each gate (milestone). In addition to this, all relevant documents such as sketches and drawings are stored before the relevant master data is created in the system. Rules-based process generation ensure that all participants are involved in the process at the right point in time.

With this method of mapping and integrating all relevant data and process information you can eliminate system and process islands in your company.

The benefits of ORBIS Prototype Management at a glance:

  • Integrate samples and prototypes seamlessly in the development process.
  • Manage the creation of sample parts lists, sample-relevant documentation and the initiation of demands and orders on a uniform platform.
  • All process participants are incorporated in the sample and prototype process.
  • The complete process is clearly displayed by means of the SAP process route and the processing progress is easy to understand at all times.
  • The sample and prototype process will be generated by means of a dynamic set of rules. 
  • Attachments can be added to store all necessary information.
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