Customized support concepts for your company

SAP Application Management & Support

Whether after a successful joint project or if you are a new client, we support you!

We will work with you to develop a lasting application management concept tailored to your specific needs:

  • Our ORBIS-AMS agents will assist your key users with all questions and problems relating to day-to-day business in your in-house and SAP applications in jointly defined processes.
  • You can reduce the workload of your IT department, which can then focus more on innovation and new business requirements.
  • The benefits are clear! Our detailed analyses and reports provide your operations and management with the information they need to uncover weaknesses in processes and the need for additional process expertise in the implemented application. Through targeted training and process optimization, you will be able to continuously improve the processes of your application in your company. 

ORBIS Application Management Center

SAP Managed Services: Infographic on the services of the ORBIS Support Center

Scope of support

Application Support

Application Support

  • Second and third level user support
  • Responsive problem management
  • Development and provision of solutions to the messages
  • Solutions to the messages are processed and made available
  • Solution documentation and storage in the ORBIS knowledge database

Application Management Support

Application Management Support

  • Active and progressive developments of processes and applications
  • Guaranteed by service consultants who are permanently assigned to the client
  • Procedure that supports the client's own continuous improvement process
  • User support with message processing, provision of solutions and documentation
  • Active problem management
  • Implementation of approved change requests
  • Training sessions

On-call service

On-call service (hotline)

  • Provision of a hotline number for “Disaster Scenarios” (severity 1)
  • Immediate processing for messages that have a significant impact
  • The service desk can be reached outside of its standard working hours


Support Topics: Rely on us for your SAP-related needs

We support you in proactively improving the processes in your SAP system or in your cloud and ensuring high level of operational performance of your IT solutions and SAP software.

Benefit from our many years of AMS and process expertise in the following topics:


As a long-standing SAP partner, our SAP consultants offer support in the form of holistic IT and SAP process expertise for all business areas and expert license consulting from a single source - individually customized to your company's requirements.

If required, we also support your company in the areas of SAP Basis, HCM and Cloud. 

We offer help with SAP Basis support and hosting issues and create a customized concept for your company's HCM functionality and SAP HCM application.

As an “SAP Cloud Focus Partner”  we are happy to offer you our Application Management Services for both your public and private cloud.

ORBIS assists you with SAP ERP support
ORBIS assists customers with support using ORBIS proprietary solutions

ORBIS products in the SAP environment

To realize your smart enterprise, we have developed fully SAP-integrated solutions to automate, network, and visualize processes end-to-end in "real time" - step-by-step or in one fell swoop.

SAP Add-ons for a wide range of sectors

ORBIS offers its customers support for SAP add-ons

Support Team

The basis of our outstanding application management service is our team!

Our Team

Our IT team consists of SAP consultants, who have established years of proven expertise in SAP processes and systems in countless international client projects.

Competencies and qualifications

We place the highest value on the comprehensive expertise of our ORBIS service agents! Their expertise is demonstrated by the following:

  • Many years of consulting experience in at least one, usually several SAP modules both in SAP ECC, SAP HANA and in SAP Cloud and Cloud Services.
  • Profound knowledge in integration processes
  • ABAP development experience
  • Comprehensive language skills in English and other languages
  • Knowledge of country-specific requirements
  • ITIL optimized operations (ITIL certification)

The ORBIS Application Management Center

Our Application Management Center is located at the ORBIS headquarters in Saarbrücken:
We made this decision deliberately so our ORBIS service agents could have the opportunity to discuss ideas with consultants and project developers right at our headquarters, thus directly accessing customer-specific settings and programs.

Other branches of our AMS Centers are located in USA (Washington, DC) and China (Shanghai), enabling us to provide comprehensive services to our SAP clients. 

Support Methodology: the cornerstone for perfect work is a good tool

Which building blocks lead to success?


The ORBIS project methodology used to implement SAP and international rollouts guides you seamlessly into the service transition phase.

As early as the Deploy Phase, we involve our AMS service agents in the project work and documentation to ensure the best possible transfer of knowledge. This way, our AMS agents get to know your employees and the IT landscape so that they can provide targeted support once the GoLive Phase has begun. This approach enables a seamless transition from the Hypercare Phase to Application Management Services.

We transfer existing or already productive IT solutions to Managed Services based on the following transition concept:

  • Documentation
    Informative and up-to-date documentation provides the foundation for efficient Application Management Services, offering a suitable starting point for our ORBIS service agents to familiarize themselves with your SAP system or cloud and your company's SAP business processes. Do you have questions on the best possible way to prepare and update your documentation? We are happy to advise you based on your specific needs!
  • Knowledge Consolidation
    For SAP solutions that deviate from the standard, initial tickets are processed and documented together with you.
  • Run
    Our SAP AMS service agents process tickets and messages remotely and independently.

Contractual Basis

On the basis of framework agreements and service level agreements, we enter into a long-term service partnership with you and offer you legal certainty.

Transparency & Controlling

We guarantee transparency in our collaboration by providing you with regular reports. We designate an SAP Solution Manager responsible for your company, who will communicate with you periodically and handle all your Managed Services requests. The ticket system we use documents the progress of your SAP Managed Services comprehensibly.

Ticket system

Based on our Jira Service Desk ticket system, we manage and monitor our clients' incidents and change requests transparently and efficiently. At the same time, Jira enables you and your employees to access your tickets at any time and review the current processing status.

Jira supports our team in involving consultants and developers from our SAP AMS division into the solution process in the fastest possible way.

This integrated and transparent process makes us the ideal partner to help you continuously optimize your processes and improve your Managed Services KPIs!

View into the support center ticket system Jira


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