Bidirectional communication with ORBIS Multi-Process Protocol (MPP)

ORBIS Multi-Process Protocol

Enables high-performance, bidirectional communication in the Smart Factory

With the ORBIS Multi-Process Protocol (ORBIS MPP), information (data, commands, documents, etc.) can be sent from the SAP system to the device or to the machine and vice versa. This enables a complete process integration. Technical devices and subsystems communicate actively or passively with the processes in the central SAP system.

ORBIS MPP - at a glance

  • Communicates actively or passively with the SAP system and communicates bidirectionally commands and data
  • Data from machines and devices is sent directly to the SAP system
  • Adaptation of the use of data in the SAP processes occurs via ABAP
  • Internal existing SAP know-how can be used to operate the solution, to customize it and to develop it according to requirements.
  • No time and cost-intensive creation and maintenance of interfaces
  • No need to purchase additional hardware / software

Bidirectional communication of technical devices and subsystems with SAP

Infographic: Benefit of ORBIS Multi-Process Protocol (MPP)

Modules of ORBIS MPS

ORBIS Multi-Process Interface (ORBIS MPI)

Configurable device and system coupler

ORBIS Multi-Process Suite (ORBIS MPS)

The enabler for industrial 4.0 processes in the Smart Factory

ORBIS Multi-Process Viewer (ORBIS MPV)

platform-independent process dialogs and visualization

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